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5 ways to get long,strong and healthy hair

Every girl loves to have long, shiny, thicker black, and healthy hair. Boys are no longer behind the girls. They are even more obsessed with healthy hair for their good looks. But, for many of us thick, and shiny hair seems like a dream.

In reality, it is not a dream or something that one can’t achieve. All you need to do is; know your hair and provide it the appropriate nutrition that hair needs to thrive and grow.
Here, I’ll provide you with the best possible solutions that will make your hair grow healthy, longer, and strong hair.

Know your Hair

Hair is a tough filamentous protein known as Keratin. It grows out from the follicles located in the dermis of the skin. Small blood vessels present underneath the follicles supply nutrients to the hair for their proper development. These tiny blood vessels also provide hormones that alter the structure and growth of hair regularly.

Losing 50-100 hair strands every day is no big deal. It is normal to lose hair because it is a part of the healthy hair growth cycle. If you are facing more hair fall, then there must be an issue. Besides hair falls, problems associated with hair include dandruff, split ends, thin and dry hair, poor hair growth, or no growth at all. These are some common health problems. Read this blog till the end to get your solution for healthy and beautiful hair.

5 Solutions to get healthy hair

Follow the five steps given below to make your dream of longer hair come true

Scalp Massage

The skin of the head is known as the scalp. So, taking care of your scalp is as important as the rest of body skin. It is because head massage stimulates the blood supply to the follicles. It helps in the transport of various nutrients and oxygen to the roots. It, in turn, facilitates healthy hair growth. massage hair once eek
to get the best results.

Provide protein to your hair

As we know, hair is 95% keratin protein. Therefore, it is necessary to realize that human hair growth is dependent on proteins uptake.
The depletion of protein can damage hair badly. This damage can intensify the porosity of your hair, which leads to the thinning, fuzziness, and tangling of hair by absorbing water.
Lack of protein also causes limp hair, inelastic hair, and accelerates fair fall, So provided your hair with an adequate amount of protein to restore healthy hair growth.

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Trim your hair regularly

Hair trimming has positive effects on human hair growth. It might sound strange to you because trimming hair is the opposite of what we want to achieve. But according to experts, if you want healthy hair, you must cut a quarter-inch of hair once there or two months, depending on your hair growth patterns.

Timing improves the health of hair in many ways

  • It wipes out the split end
  • Make hair grow thicker
  • Improve hair growth
  • Hair becomes easy to comb
  • Controls the frizzy hair
  • Lessens hair loss etc
  • Proper diet and nutrition

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Taking care of your health by eating healthy and balanced food is like taking care of your hair. Anything that we eat has a direct effect on hair health. A diet containing all the nutrients is crucial for maintaining healthy hair.
Try to add all the essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, D, and E, B Vitamins, biotin, zinc, iron, essential fatty acids, and proteins to your diet. Lack of any of the required nutrients can lead to several hair damages besides other health problems.

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Don’t stress, stay calm

Stress is the key to demolish the overall body health. It influences hair health but disturbing the hormones balanced and push the hair follicles into a phase known as the resting phase, in which they don’t produce hair strands.
Stress not only restricts hair growth but also be deprived them of their nutritional needs. In this way, it can cause you to lose your strands rapidly.
Don’t stress too much, and try to keep yourself calm to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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