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5 Aloe vera benefits for hair

Aloe vera, an ordinary succulent plant with miraculous properties, has been used for centuries for various purposes such as gardening, medicine, health, beauty, and much more. Therefore, there is no surprise in listing the aloe vera benefits for hair. But it is astonishing how an evergreen xerophyte is a crux of so many industries, especially the hair-based products industry besides the skin care and pharmaceutical.


Aloe vera benefits for hair

It is true that well-nourished and healthy hair can become a reality with the constant application of aloe vera on hair. Because aloe vera benefits for hair are evergreen, just the way aloe vera is evergreen.

This article explains the unique therapeutic properties and benefits of aloe vera for hair health and nutrition.

Aloe vera for hair growth

Natural Aloe vera promotes healthy hair growth several times better than other hair products such as shampoos, gels, conditioners, etc. A chemical compound known as aloin, present in aloe gel, is supposed to be the main ingredient in promoting hair growth. It does this by preventing hair breakage and hair loss.

Although, there is less evidence available that supports aloe vera’s hair growth properties. But, most people claim that aloe vera promotes healthy hair growth.


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Repair damage and Strengthens Hair

Aloe vera gel is composed of several unique and active chemical ingredients. These chemical compounds include various vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that strengthen hair and hair follicles.

Vitamin A, C, and E promote hair cell growth to strengthen and give a shinier look to hair. These vitamins can also repair hair cell damage and improve hair texture. Besides these vitamins, Folic acid and Vitamin B12 also prevent hair loss to a greater extent.

Control Greasy hair

Greasy or oily hair is also a hurdle to healthy hair and good looks. Using different hair products might not help to get rid of oily and greasy hair in the way natural aloe gel can do. Because aloe vera gel has special enzymes that cleanse the hair shaft by breaking down extra fats or hair sebum.

Reduce dandruff and calms itchy scalp

The medical term Seborrheic dermatitis is referred to as a condition of hair dandruff that can lead to an itchy and scaly scalp. Aloe vera is found to be effective against dandruff and itchy skin.

Dandruff can cause hair loss indirectly by causing itchiness which leads to scratching and ultimately hair follicles breaking or striping off. Hence, aloe vera benefits for hair can be used in treating hair loss, reducing dandruff, and calming scalp itchiness.


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Protect from UV rays damage

Some research studies show that aloe vera can repair sun damage caused by UV radiation.UV rays are harmful and damage hair by affecting its texture, color, and shine. They also make the hair less elastic, rough, dull, and dry which promotes hair breakage more feasible.

In short, applying aloe vera on hair after or before sun exposure can protect against hair damage and maintains its luster.

Aloe gel is easily accessible. You can buy it from any nearby marketplace. You can also use aloe-based products, but the best option for you is to grow aloe vera plants at home in small pots or home garden because natural aloe vera gel benefits are more long-lasting.


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Take Away

In a nutshell, aloe vera is a highly recommended herbal product for healthy looking, shiny, lustrous, silky strong, and thick hair. The benefits of applying aloe vera on hair do not end here because research is going on to discover and reveal more of the properties and components responsible for its magical effects.


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