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Aloe Vera For Healing Wounds-Here Is What Research Says

Aloe vera is a natural herbal product that has been used for centuries. Besides hair strengthening, improving skin tone, promoting weight loss, preventing aging, and treating ulcers, aloe vera has natural therapeutic properties for healing wounds, skin bruises, and lesions. Therefore,one must use aloe vera for healing wounds because it accelerates the complex process of healing.

In this article, Health Crescent has discussed the healing properties of aloe vera, backed by scientific shreds of evidence.

Why Aloe Vera For Healing Wounds?

Aloe vera possesses anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal.ant-viral and ant-oxidant properties.These therapeutic properties of aloe vera promote wound healing and treat skin lesions, and scars. These properties of aloe gel are due to the presence of chemical substances such as amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, iron, zinc, vitamins, and enzymes.

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How Aloe vera promotes healing?

Healing is a complex a process that involves 3 complicated steps such as inflammation, proliferation and tissue formation, and tissue remolding,

The proliferative healing phase involves reepithelialization( resurfacing the epidermis by keratinocytes, the primary cell type of the skin epidermis, from the wound edges) and granulation tissue formation. Keratinocytes start migration after 12 to 24 hours of injury. Migration and proliferation of keratinocytes are the main events in the healing process.

According to a research study, aloe vera accelerates wound healing by promoting the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts and keratinocytes. It also promotes healing by protecting keratinocytes from preservative-induced death. Hence, aloe vera accelerates healing by reducing the time of recovery.

Another research study says that aloe vera can retain moisture and integrity. It also prevents ulcers because it contains chemical compounds such as amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, zinc, and water. Therefore, aloe vera is recommended for healing wounds and skin bruises as a complementary treatment to other treatment methods.

Further research says that aloe gel contains glucomannan. It is a polysaccharide that enhances collagen production and secretion in the wounded area to promote healing and speed up healthy recovery.


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How to apply aloe vera gel on wounds?

Take the aloe leaf and take out the gel from the inside of the leaf. Then apply the gel on skin lesions, bruises, or wounded sites.
If you don’t have an aloe plant at home, use commercially available aloe gel or aloe-based healing product.

For alleviating hematoma, make a warm compress of aloe gel and apply ion the affected area regularly twice a day.

Note: Do not apply aloe gel on an open wound. It can cause an allergic reaction and may lead to severe infection at the injury site.


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