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5 Best Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

Exercise and a healthy balanced diet are the key factors to losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight. Although exercise contributes only 20% to a healthy weight loss plan while a healthy diet is 80%, you can not compensate for 20% with 80%. Because exercise and diet are interrelated and dependent on each other. For exercise, you don’t need to join a gym, because Health Crescent has compiled a list of the best exercises for weight loss at home.


5 Best Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

These are easy exercises to lose weight at home, in any nearby park or garden, within your comfort zone without spending a penny. So let’s get started.


Walking is one of the best and easiest ways to lose weight and excess body fat. Walking not only keeps the body fit but also, improves cardiovascular health, prevents hormonal imbalance, keeps the brain in good health, alleviates depression and anxiety, strengthens muscles and bones, and increases energy levels to keep you active and fit.

According to research 30 minutes of daily can brisk walking burns about 150 and more calories. Take start from short bouts of a walk, then move to moderate, and finally to long bouts of the walk as your stamina grows.

Another research says that walking significantly increased the stamina of LB(Longer Bouts) participants as they completed more walking at a higher intensity than the SB and other control groups. More physical activity ultimately led to more health benefits.

According to WHO, 150 to 300 minutes of exercise per week is necessary for adults, who want to maintain a healthy weight.


Jogging is also a form of exercise and full-body workout. It warms up the body and burns calories .30 minutes of jogging is enough to burn 300 calories daily. Jogging is also beneficial for body toning and losing belly fat.


Skipping Or Jumping Rope

Besides fun, it is one best exercise for weight loss at home. For kids, especially girls, jumping rope is a kind of game, and that’s what we have been told since childhood. But researchers say that jumping rope is a form of exercise that contributes to achieving a calorie deficit, a requirement for weight loss.

The amount of weight loss with jimping rope depends on the duration and weight of the person. For instance, with 20 mins of quick jumping rope exercise, a person weighing 91 Kg can burn up to 362 calories, while with slow jumping rope exercise 241 calories.

But alone skipping won’t be efficient for long-term weight loss. You need to couple it with other exercises for weight loss and a healthy diet plan.

Initially, 3 to 5 minutes of continual skipping is enough. But later on, increase the duration up to 10 to 15 minutes. Then, as you build up stamina, make your goal to reach up to 20 to 25 minutes daily.


For building muscles and fat burning, squats are on top of the list of easy exercises to lose weight at home. The squat is the only exercise that involves most of the body muscles. Squats strengthen the core muscles and make everyday movements easier.

According to a research study, squats result in greater activation of muscles that supports back then than planks. They also strengthen most of the lower body muscles.

The American Council on Exercise says that squats can reduce the risk of injuries by strengthening tendons, ligaments, and bones. Squats make you run faster and jump higher.

The best part about squats is that you don’t need to use fitness equipment, not even a rope.


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A plank is a form of isometric exercise that strengthens your core muscles, improves posture, and increases the rate of metabolism.
Planks can improve the muscle-to-fat ratio, which helps to promote weight loss and prevent obesity-related disorders.

The number of calories that plank burns depend on several factors. But it usually burns 2 to 3 calories per minute. Like squats, the beauty of planks is that you can perform them anywhere at home without fitness machines or other equipment.

These are the best exercises for weight loss at home. Practice these easy exercises regularly with consistency to reap the benefits of exercise.


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