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Gain Weight by Following 5 Simple Steps

How to gain weight and how to lose weight? These are the two major concerns of our present generation. In the past, weight gain tips or hacks were not common as today because people at that time were more concerned about losing weight.

But, now the concepts are equalizing as most of the underweight people are looking for ways to gain weight. It is because people have realized the importance of a healthy weight and know that being underweight is as bad and unhealthy as being overweight and obese.

It looks cool to have a thin and sleek body shape but being slim and underweight are two different things. You are underweight when your body weight is less than the standard weight. You can find whether you are underweight or not by calculating your body mass index (BMI).

If you have a body mass index below 18.5, then you are underweight. It is undesirable as it affects your personality and good looks. With good health, good looks matter a lot.
So, here are some of my findings on how to gain a healthy weight.

How to gain weight?

Follow these five steps to gain weight.

Increase calorie intake

If you are underweight and want to maintain a healthy weight, then increase your calorie intake. Eat as much as you can but healthy food. Add some additional dishes and fruits to your diet. You can dry fruits, cheese, butter, rice, whole-grain foods, etc.

Take proteins

Proteins are compulsory if you intend to gain weight. They add to your muscle mass and help you gain weight. Natural and artificial sources of proteins are available. Natural sources include organ meat, eggs, fish, nuts, milk, legumes, dairy products, and other natural sources. Artificially you can get proteins using a variety of supplements and other proteins and protein-rich products.

Take Nutritious and Healthy Food

For a healthy weight gain, it is necessary to eat healthy and hygienic food. Don’t rely on fast foods and cold drinks. They might cause weight gain, but the side effects are unhealthy and bad. Take fresh juices such as milkshakes or smoothies. Have a balanced diet and add food from different food groups. The five basic food groups are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, and protein-rich foods.
A balanced and healthy diet is key to a healthy life and a perfect weight.

Take smaller but regular meals

Increase your calories intake by eating five to six mini-meals per day. Eating more often instead of eating two to three times a day proves more beneficial in weight gain plans. In this way, you can take nutritious foods from sources at different times.


Last but not least, exercise because it helps in building muscle mass and increases your appetite. You can also perform yoga to gain weight and keep your body and mind both active and functioning.

We highly recommend consulting a physician or a doctor if you have suddenly started losing weight or have some other medical health conditions.

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