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Healthy Weight Loss Tips

1 to 2 out of every 5 people try to lose weight, but the point is that are they following healthy loss tips or guidelines? Of course not, because people are so obsessed with losing weight that they will do everything to stay in good shape. Staying in good health is not bad, but following unhealthy and wrong methods  to shed some pounds, is the worst.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

If you intend to lose some weight, then you must follow healthy weight loss tips and programs that won’t affect your health. Here in this article, you will find some of the best healthy weight loss tips to maintain a healthy weight.

Know if it’s healthy

The first step toward making a weight loss plan is to know whether the diet plan you are following is healthy or not? Even if it’s healthy, is it the one that your body needs to work properly?
So, before planning a weight loss program keep your age, sex, weight, and overall health condition in mind. Because it’s not that if something has worked for others would also work for you because your body and its requirements are different. Although, there are some healthy weight loss tips and exercises, which are beneficial for everyone, are discussed here.

Divide Your Plate

Dividing your plate is the best way to maintain a healthy weight. It works for everyone including diabetics.
For children take a 7 inches plate, while 9 inches plate for adults.
Divide the plate into two halves. Fill one half with vegetables. Vegetables are two types starchy and non-starchy. Starchy vegetables include potatoes, peas, beets, turnips, plantains, or salad, while non-starchy vegetables include carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. Opt for nonstarchy vegetables for a healthy weight loss rather than starchy vegetables.

Divide the other half into two.
Fill one quarter with whole grains, for instance, brown rice, corn or whole wheat pasta, or beans. Add some lean proteins in the other one quarter like fish, lean beef, or chicken.

You can use a divided plate to divide your plate into three sections. You can check out the one listed below.Divided plates are the best option to choose. The compartments in the plate make it easy for us to divide our food properly without mixing food.

Divided Plates for Kids

Divided plates for healthy weight loss-Health Crescent
Best Divided Suction Plates For Children

Divided Plates for Adults

Best divided plate for adults healthy weight loss-Health Crescent
Divided Porcelain Dinner Plate,Portion Control Plate for Healthy Eating,One-person dinner plate,Dishwasher And Oven Safe ,8 inch (WHITE)

The basic idea of dividing plate is to eat but eat less healthy food. It is clear from the plate, that it includes food from different food groups comprising healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

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Drink water for Healthy Weight Loss

Drinking water is one of the best healthy weight loss tips. Water is a universal solvent, and it is 100% calorie-free. You will be surprised to know that it also aids in healthy weight loss and perform other vital functions of the body. Drinking water before meals suppress your appetite, and hence you eat minimum and in the required quantity. It also burns calories to a greater extent.
Drinking lukewarm water in the morning can also help you lose belly fat. Drinking water in sufficient amounts also helps to flush out toxins from the blood and boosts metabolism. Improved metabolism means proper digestion and maintenance of a healthy weight.

Quit Sugary Substances

Quitting sugary substances is necessary even if you have a healthy weight and enjoy good health. If you are overweight and obese, then quitting sugars becomes compulsory.

Quitting sugary substances helps a lot in weight loss and healthy weight management. When you are obese, you are prone to diabetes and other related disorders. So it also prevents diabetes, heart diseases, and other mental traumas.

A research study has shown that one can lose 5 to 20 pounds during 31 days of quitting sugars, depending upon weight, age, sex, and other factors.
Sugary substances that one must avoid include beverages, artificial juices, flavors, confectioneries, sweets, candies, sugar, and other glucose-rich substances.

Give up OIL

Oil is a rich source of calories. It has less or almost null nutritional value because it loses vitamins and other nutrients while refining. Oil adds high amounts of calories in small quantities, leading to weight gain.
Giving up oil is considered a part of a healthy weight loss plan. But it does not mean stopping the intake of fats because fats also play a crucial role in proper body functions. Instead of refined oils, use natural and organic oils such as coconut oil(commonly known as miracle oil due to its miraculous properties)and olive oil.

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Exercise and Walk Regularly

Exercise and walking are compulsory for healthy weight management. It is one of the best healthy weight loss tips. Although, exercise contributes only 20% to a healthy weight loss plan. Exercise and walking both boosts metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.
200 minutes of exercise per week is recommended for healthy weight loss. Beginners can start with 50 minutes per week .30 minutes of brisk walk daily can burn as much as 150 calories on daily routine bases.
In a nutshell, the greater the physical activity such as; exercise and walking, the more health benefits and healthy weight management.

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