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5 reasons why you should give up added sugars

You want to be in good health, but you are addicted to added sugar, right? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Most of us are going through the same health problem. Quitting sugars is not that easy, but it’s not impossible. Here, I am going to share five reasons why you should give up added sugars. These five reasons are not just reasons but a kind of motivation for you to give up sugars.

By giving up sugars, I mean added sugars, not natural sugars. There is a big difference between the two.
Natural sugars are present in naturally occurring food resources like fresh fruits, vegetables, cereal, lentils, etc. They have their benefits in different forms. But excess of anything is not good.

Added sugars are not natural, but they are artificial sugars added to the processed foods. They are mere sources of calories with zero nutritional values.
Sugar found in confectioneries, candies, cold drinks, processed juices, chocolates, and other sweets is added sugar.

I know it’s hard to resist the sweets temptations, but you have to do it for better health.
So let’s get started.

Give up added sugars to reduce the risk of diabetes

It is one of the significant reasons for you to avoid sugars. These sugars are responsible for the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Do you know drinking one soda cane can increase your risk of diabetes up to 25% – 67% than not drinking soda at all? So, isn’t it better to quit sugars before you develop these diseases and then quit? Just think about it!
Besides this, it may also contribute to glucose intolerance and gain. That’s why most of the weight loss plans exclude sugar.

Quit sugars for good mental health

Excessive sugars aren’t not only harmful to your body and but also to your brain. They interact with the brain by activating the specific areas which are associated with addiction. In this way, the brain’s reward system stimulates, and the person starts craving more sugary foods like cakes or chocolates, etc. This cycle continues and negatively impacts your mental health and healthy mood.

A high intake of sugary substances makes you feel depress and more anxious because the brain senses even a slight change in sugar levels.
Avoiding these sugary substances will make you mentally and physically active. You will find yourself self happier, and your mind will be sharper than before!

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For healthy weight loss

The first thing that every diet plan suggests is to give up the carbs or sugars. It is because sugar activates the brain’s reward system; and then increases your cravings by making you t feel hungry, even though you are not hungry in reality. These cravings force you to eat more and more. In this way, weight gain occurs.
So, this is one of the best reasons to give up added sugars.

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For healthier and smooth teeth

Sugars are doing the worst to our oral cavity. They are the agents of tooth decay. They cause cavities in teeth by combining with the bacteria in our mouth and saliva. In this way, plaques form. These plaques then dissolve the outer layer of teeth that is enamel which then leads to cavities.

They can also cause severe damage to your gums. Therefore, try to avoid such sugary substances for healthier, whiter, and smooth-looking teeth.

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For glowing skin

You will be surprised to know that cutting off sugar impacts your skin positively. A research study has shown that sugars are responsible for skin problems like acne, rashes, pimples, etc. With a high intake of sugar, your skin is more prone to skin diseases. I am sure now would you must be determined enough to give up added sugars.

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